The Jetsons’ Business Phone

AI-powered Concierge for Businesses


This is Numa

Your new favorite employee

Magic for Your Existing Phone

Responds immediately to customers. Enables SMS on your business phone numbers, even landlines. Handles Facebook and other messaging platforms.

Friendly Call Answering

Transcribes voicemail messages for faster review. Sends a response back to the caller when it knows the answer. Updates greetings to handle holidays, events, and promotions.

Learns from You

Numa reaches out to you when it cannot answer. Learns how you deal with customers and automatically updates itself.

Highly Connected

Connects to other services and systems that your business uses. Hooks into your POS, inventory, ordering, CRM and more.

Numa in Action

How businesses are using Numa today


Do you have vegan mac?

Numa helps employees focus on customers in the restaurant without being disrupted by endless phone calls for to-go orders.


Do you have any Stan Smiths?

Numa automatically responds when customers send messages asking for specific shoes, checking inventory using SoleSpace’s Shopify storefront.

Concord Crossfit

I need a personal trainer.

Numa follows up with potential Concord Crossfit customers who inquire from the gym’s website or voicemail, saving the owner hours each week.


Tell me when Tahoe Mountain is on tap!

The Trappist, which regularly rotates the Belgian and premium beers on tap, delights customers with opt-in notifications whenever their favorite beers are being served.

Why Use Numa

What Numa does for your business

Your Customers

Your Customers

Delight customers with instant answers using whatever communication method they prefer (text, Facebook Messenger, voicemail, etc).
Your Team

Your Team

Allow your team to focus on customers in the store and add value solving more complex problems while Numa takes care of the simple, repetitive questions.
Your Business

Your Business

You use your existing business phone number and your backoffice systems--Numa integrates seamlessly.

Want Numa for your business?

Numa is currently available on an invitation-only basis for your business.

Partner with Us


Telecom & Cable

We turn your business phone numbers into magic. Convert your dated, voice-only analog product into an indispensable business tool for your customers. They will love you for it.

Banks & Payments

Give your SMB customers a boost with NumberAI. Help them establish better customer relationships and generate more revenue.


We offer seamless integration with a number of SMB tools. If you sell workforce scheduling software, analytics, POS, or review management software, we would love to partner and help!

Want to work with NumberAI?

Numa is based on a platform built for partnerships.

We are Building a Special Place

How NumberAI works

Mad scientists and dreamers
We obsess over our customers. Every team member meets with customers, every week.
We are a company where people can grow at an exponential rate. We will win as a phalanx.
We are proud to be an Oakland company. We strive to make Oakland proud of us.

Who We Are

Entrepreneurs who grew up in small businesses

Our customers are small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), a segment that has not seen the innovation they rightfully deserve.

Our founders grew up in family businesses and are hell-bent on making small businesses successful. We are entrepreneurs who have worked together for years turning new ideas into businesses; most recently, we were the founding and management team of Location Labs: Tasso Roumeliotis, Joel Grossman, and Andy Ruff. NumberAI is incubated out of and seed financed by the amazing VC firm DFJ.

Mad scientists and dreamers
(our seed investor)