Covid-19 and Numa

It is not business as usual.

Customers are not able to come to your stores. If you are a restaurant, your business is all take out. Your hours are changing. You are interacting with your customers almost exclusively over the phone and internet.

We will try our best to help you.

How Numa May Help

Communicate with customers

Broadcast List: texting updates to customers

If your business is going to temporarily close or have impacted hours—we help calling customers sign-up for SMS updates about your business.
For Restaurants

Text take-out/curbside pickup mode

Automated phone and text order-taking, now with curbside pick-up mode. We can get ordering running within hours.
Help your customers know what's going on.
We are temporarily waiving all costs for Numa for the next 2 months to help businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic; no credit card or contract required to use.

What is Numa?

Numa handles your missed calls, makes it easy to text your business, and answers common customer questions automatically.

Setup is easy—it connects to your existing phone system and can be online in just a few minutes.
What is Numa?
‍(approx 1 min)

How Numa Works

Don't worry about missed calls, busy signals, closed days, or after hours. Numa will answer.
  • Update greetings — easily update your phone greetings with Numa as hours or operations change.
  • Text enable your business — Numa lets you text with your customers. It's faster, easier and what most people prefer.
  • Connect from anywhere — Numa lets you review voicemails and reply from any device at any time, even if you're closed.
Numa's AI answers common questions:
  • Answers automatically — Numa responds to repetitive customer questions quickly on your behalf.
  • Customize your answers — you're in full control of how Numa responds to your customers.
  • Numa learns from you — Numa will learn new topics and suggestions based on your customer conversations.
Are you open still today? What times?
We'll be closing at 5PM today. Text us and we will do a curbside delivery.
Keep in touch with your customers while you're at home, in the store, or on the road.
  • No phone tag — send text messages instead of phone calls. 90% of texts are ready within 5 minutes.
  • Easy to use inbox — check messages from your web browser or iOS and Android applications for your phone or tablet.
  • Team management — assign customers to others on your team and share internal notes to keep in sync.
Our team is here to help you get setup in minutes.
We are temporarily waiving all costs for Numa for the next 2 months to help businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic; no credit card or contract required to use.
“This platform is saving me so much dialing and writing during this crazy time. I already loved it now but … wow.”
— Alexandra Sussman, Owner, Elixir Salon


How hard is it to set up Numa?
Numa takes just a few minutes to set up. To start using Numa with your phone, all you need to be able to do is configure call-forwarding with your existing phone provider. Your phone provider typically has instructions to do so, although the Numa team can help for many popular phone systems. Our team is around to help you if you run into any problems.

How does this interact with my current phone system?
You keep your current phone system and phones. Numa works alongside whatever system you have. You simply set up call forwarding however you'd like (e.g. when the line is busy, when the call is not answered, etc) with your current phone provider (we can help if you get stuck). After that, all of your voicemails (transcribed!) and text messages will appear in your Numa Inbox.

Can I customize Numa for my business?

Absolutely. With Numa, you control the greetings, the responses, and even the logo you use when you want to send a customer your contact card (to add to their addressbook) or request an online review.

Is Numa really free?

Our customers are primarily local main street businesses who are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and response. During this challenging time, we want to help however we can. Therefore, we have decide to make Numa completely free for the first two months for new customers--we don't even ask for billing information. After that period, we'll ask for billing information and resume our regular flat-rate pricing. We love our existing customers as well and so they will also see a one-month credit on their next invoice. There is no contract and you can quit at any time.